1. What services does LTUVC provide?
    • We have sessions ranging from complete beginner to advanced. Our sunday social sessions are fun training sessions aimed at people who have never played volleyball before, or have played for a few years of high school.
    • We then have more advanced social sessions that run intermitantly throughout the year as court space becomes available to us, providing the opportunity for progressions from the sunday sessions to a more advanced style of volleyball.
    • From here we have our state league program, aimed at providing competitive volleyball for the high skilled and more dedicated players. They play once a week during season and train hard to compete with the best Victoria has to offer.


  2. Do I have to be a student at the university to participate?
    • NOT AT ALL! We welcome everyone, members of our University community, and local community alike.


  3. Can I have more information on Social Sundays?
    • Social Sundays are run free of charge for the month of March, to give all new uni students a taste of volleyball. Once we hit April, there is a $10 session fee, designed to pay coaches and purchase new equipment.
    • These sessions run every sunday, all through semester.
    • The sessions are run as trainings, with mini games at the end. The sessions are aimed at being fun and inclusive of all skills, however full blown games are not the aim. 


  4. What if I want to play games, but im not at the state league level?
    • We do enter teams into local social competitions. We team people up from our social trainings, who have similar skill levels and availabilities and enter them into the Kew Volleyball competition held on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. We have also entered teams into the local competition at Reservoir high school, and RMIT Bundoora in the past and can look to do this, if this is of interest to our members.
    • We hope to have our own social competition at La Trobe in the coming months.


  5. I want to learn more about State league
    • State League is a high level competition run by Volleyball Victoria, from April through till August every Saturday.
    • As a club, we enter teams into Mens Reserve 1, 2 and 3, along with Womens Reserve 2 and 3.
    • In 2022 we will see a slight change to our training shedule, with teams training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There may be the chance of more days as new venue availabilities pop up.
    • You do need to have experience playing some form of volleyball, however little, experience is encouraged. We hold trials before the season to see who should be placed in which team, and as such players with minimal experience may miss out. This does not meen you should not try out, nor stop playing volleyball. The social session mentioned above provide a perfect pathway to bring players up to the state league level.


  6. How do I join?
    • Head to the memberships tab above, and fill out the required information.
    • Then head to the classes tab to sign up for a social session or enquire using the contact form with your experience if interested in joining a state league team.


If you have any other questions, please head to the contact tab and shoot us a message!

We hope to see you down at the nest, very soon!


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